Yiruma - The Very Best of Yiruma (Yiruma & Piano) (2011)

December 6th, 2011

Yiruma - The Very Best of Yiruma (Yiruma & Piano)

Track List:

01. [Yiruma 2001~2004] Wait There (Love Scene)
02. Tears On Love (Love Scene)
03. I (First Love)
04. May Be (First Love)
05. Love Me (First Love)
06. River Flows In You (First Love)
07. It’S Your Day (First Love)
08. When The Love Falls (First Love)
09. Passing By (First Love)
10. Do You? (Oasis & Yiruma)
11. As You Wish (Oasis & Yiruma)
12. All Myself To You (Gangahjittong O.S.T)
13. Spring Rain (Gangahjittong O.S.T)
14. What Beautiful Stars (Gangahjittong O.S.T)
15. Chaconne (From The Yellow Room)
16. Indigo (From The Yellow Room)
17. Kiss The Rain (From The Yellow Room)
18. Sometimes… Someone (From The Yellow Room)
19. The Sunbeams… They Scatter (Nocturnal Lights… They Scatter)

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01. [Yiruma 2005~2008] Destiny Of Love (Destiny Of Love)
02. With Memories Forever Remain Apart (Destiny Of Love)
03. The View From My Window (Destiny Of Love)
04. Night Rainbow (Poemusic)
05. Because I Love You (Poemusic)
06. Poem+Poetry (Poemusic)
07. Wonder Boy_Met With the Fall and Winter (Poemusic)
08. Fotografia_What Hope Kids (Poemusic)
09. Elegy_I Like the Reflection of My Mind (Poemusic)
10. One Day Diary (H.I.S. Monologue)
11. Lord… Hold My Hand (H.I.S. Monologue)
12. Joy (P.N.O.N.I)
13. Loanna (P.N.O.N.I)
14. Ribbonized (P.N.O.N.I)
15. Sky (P.N.O.N.I)
16. Journey (P.N.O.N.I)
17. Hope (P.N.O.N.I)
18. Kiss The Rain(String Ver.) (First Love_Repackage)
19. When The Love Falls(String Ver.) (First Love_Repackage)

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01. [Special Edition_New Movement] Between the Sky
02. Sent You My Heart
03. Sadness, Lies On the Water
04. River Flows In You (Feat. Ruvin)
05. I iteulkka its end?
06. Hours of Forgotten … Forgotten
07. To me (To My Heart)
08. Leave With (How Could I)
09. Second (Just For A While) (Nocturnal Lights… They Scatter)
10. Dream (Gangahjittong O.S.T)
11. I Envision The Things I Really (Oasis & Yiruma)
12. Beloved By Jae Wook (Oasis & Yiruma)
13. I Forget About it (Destiny Of Love)

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