J.Cole - Cole World-The Sideline Story

J. Cole - Cole World-The Sideline Story

Track List :
01. Intro (Produced By J. Cole)
02. Dollar And A Dream III (Produced By The University)
03. Can’t Get Enough Feat. Trey Songz (Produced By Brian Kidd)
04. Lights Please (Produced By J. Cole)
05. Interlude (Produced By J. Cole)
06. Sideline Story (Produced By J. Cole)
07. Mr. Nice Watch Feat. Jay-Z (Produced By J. Cole)
08. Cole World (Produced By J. Cole)
09. In The Morning Feat. Drake
(Produced By L&X Music)
10. Lost Ones (Produced By J. Cole)
11. Nobody’s Perfect Feat. Missy Elliott (Produced By. J. Cole)
12. Never Told (Produced By No I.D.)
13. Rise And Shine (Produced By J. Cole)
14. God’s Gift (Produced By J. Cole)
15. Breakdown (Produced By J. Cole)
16. Work Out (Bonus) (Produced By J. Cole)

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3 Responses to "Cole World-The Sideline Story"

  1. hi says:

    can u please fix the link

  2. HI says:

    put this album available for POTLOAD please

  3. Vic says:

    can you put this one on POTLOAD it is the only place i can download these albums. Thank You

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