Davina - Beauty In The Beast

Davina - Beauty In The Beast

Track List:
01. Beauty In The Beast
02. Now You’ve Been Seduced
03. Got Nothin On Me
04. If I Go
05. Aint That Type
06. Respect
07. Keep Calm (Im From The Bay)
08. Me N You
09. Reminiscin (Feat. Tito B)
10. H.I.D.D.E.N. Agendas (Feat. Nsanity)
11. Ill Be Your Lesson Learned (Feat. Bossilera)
12. My Dreams (Feat. Ivan Reyes)
13. Did It For The Money
14. Keep Your Name Alive (Feat. Shadow)
15. Beast Mode Mix (Feat. J.L.)
16. Im Still Here
17. Leave Me Alone
18. Never Fall Again
19. La Cantante (Feat. Mystique)

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