Boyce Avenue - Boyce Avenue

Boyce Avenue – Boyce Avenue

Track List :
1.4 Minutes (acoustic) (3:05)
2.All the While (3:34)
3.Apologize (piano acoustic) (3:02)
4.Beautiful Girls (Stand By Me)(acoustic) (3:17)
5.Because of You (keyboardpiano acoustic) (2:50)
6.Bleeding Love (acoustic) (2:51)
7.Disturbia (acoustic) (2:47)
8.Find me (4:40)
9.Hate That I Love You (acoustic) (3:09)
10.Love In This Club (piano acoustic) (3:10)
11.Lovestoned (acoustic) (2:41)
12.Say (The Bucket List)(acoustic) (3:11)
13.Shadow of the Day (piano acoustic) (3:12)
14.So much time (4:46)
15.So Small (acoustic) (2:25)
16.Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)(acoustic) (3:04)
17.Take You There (acoustic) (2:53)
18.Tattoo/No One/Where Is The Love (acoustic) (3:14)
19.Umbrella (acoustic) (3:44)
20.With You (acoustic) (3:16)
21.Without You Here (acoustic) (3:39)
22.Viva La Vida (acoustic) (3:39)

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